Episode 01


  1. Investigative Aesthetics and The Political Plastic
    October 31 - November 1, 2017
Episode 02


  1. Xenofeminism, Robotics and Machinic Promiscuity
    November 2 - 3, 2017
Episode 03


  1. Synthetic Future Islands & the Tragedy of Outer Space
    November 4 - 5, 2017
Episode 04


  1. A Conceptual Narration on Biotechnological Divination
    November 6 - 7, 2017
Episode 05


  1. Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust
    November 8 - 9, 2017

The Future of Demonstration is an art series that engages with the transformation towards post-global ecologies and societies by exploring the notion of demonstration with its technological, political, pedagogical and aesthetic capacities. Season 01 VERMÖGEN will take place in Vienna, Austria and online from October 31 – November 11, 2017. Venue: REAKTOR

Algorithmic automation informs almost every realm of life today. Our reality increasingly coincides with data-driven models applied to anticipate, simulate and escalate that reality. The language of power shifts from representational to performative speech. Consequently, the criteria for critique shift from voicing judgment and dissent to the real-time evaluations that facilitate the production of reality from contingent future scenarios under the non-condition of hypervolatile capitalism – a world engulfed in information asymmetries and warfare.

The Future of Demonstration proposes to escape these comprehensive models of competitive simulation by probing current potentials of counter-fiction. Its leitmotifs VERMÖGEN 2017 and PASSION 2018 evoke the powers of imagination and narration by forging and reorienting resistance affiliations, narratives and techniques, as we struggle to cope with the massive consequences of violence on all levels of life.

The series bring together artists, theorists, activists, scientists, filmmakers and other contributors to create intense fabulations in concrete forms and shapes. And to transgress critique by means of deviant aesthetics, robotic xenofictions, forensic imagination, extraterrestrial habitats, cryptohacks, cellular factories and other performative tools that open realities instead of regulatively closing the one, calculated reality.

The Future of Demonstration suspends the separation between art and discourse, exhibition and conference, and instead initiates post-disciplinary practices that are condensed to demonstrations in the artistic, political, pedagogical and technological sense of the word. The art series borrows its format from the structure of popular television series with seasons and episodes. Each of the two seasons addresses its leitmotif as if it were through a prism, dividing it into five episodes, once again linking them in various traversing relationships to one another.

Each episode combines art, discourse, performance, sound and film in its own way. The film format experiments with streaming as an art form – after the final episode the art series The Future of Demonstration with Season 01 VERMÖGEN and Season 02 PASSION will continue as an web series.

VERMÖGEN 2017 and PASSION 2018 serve not only as themes, they also form the defining energy of this collective experiment on technopolitical resolution. As such, the format is an invitation to participants and audience alike to engage in deeply fascinating, radical and at the same time joyful demonstrations.