Episode 1


  1. The al-Araqib Museum of Struggle
    October 31 - November 1, 2017
Episode 2


  1. Xenofeminism, Robotics and Machinic Promiscuity
    November 2 - 3, 2017
Episode 3


  1. Synthetic Future Islands & the Tragedy of Outer Space
    November 4 - 5, 2017
Episode 4


  1. A Conceptual Narration on Biotechnological Divination
    November 6 - 7, 2017
Episode 5


  1. Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust
    November 8 - 9, 2017

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The Future of Demonstration is an art series with two seasons and five episodes each. The episodes are based on thematic clusters derived from the leitmotifs, VERMÖGEN 2017 and PASSION 2018.

The art series engages with the radical changes we are witnessing today in the ecological, social, and cultural spheres. It explores the notion of demonstration and its political, technological, pedagogical, and aesthetic capacities as means to imagine, collect, weave, embrace and share narratives, techniques and affiliations of resistance.


Algorithmic automation informs almost every realm of life. Our reality increasingly coincides with data-driven models applied to anticipate, simulate and escalate that reality. As the language of power shifts from representational to performative speech, the criteria for critique turn from voicing judgment and dissent to data mining and real-time evaluation – Vermögen for critical feedback fuels neoliberal techniques of disruption.

The Future of Demonstration proposes to challenge the comprehensive models of competitive simulation by probing current potentials for counter-narratives – from scrutinizing consequences, to pushing ideas to extremes, to creating intense fabulations of other realities.

The art series brings together artists, activists, architects, theorists, scientists, filmmakers and other experts. They create intense fabulations in concrete forms and shapes that transgress critique by means of deviant aesthetics, robotic xenofictions, forensic investigation, cryptohacks, extraterrestrial habitats, cellular factories and other performative tools, which open realities instead of regulatively closing the one, calculated reality.

VERMÖGEN is not only the theme, it is also the collective energy of this experiment on technopolitical resolution. As such, the art series is an invitation to participants and audience alike to engage in joyful and empowering demonstrations of what we might achieve together.

Season 1 VERMÖGEN October 31 – November 11, 2017
Idea & Artistic Concept: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler
Artistic Directors: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman