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Synthetic Future Islands and the Tragedy of Outer Space



Daniel Colucciello Barber, Stefan Becker, Hannes Broecker, Barbara Imhof, Margarete Jahrmann, Jonas Loh, Marian Kaiser, Klaus Schafler, Claudia Schötz and Christina Wessely.


November 5, 18:00h 2017 / free admission »RSVP«



Instead of a classic seminar, we invite the visitors to discuss with us what critical fabulation might mean today.


Members of Episode 3 NAURUTICA speak with the audience about the following as well as many other questions, some of which were performatively posed the night before.


Which veggies grow in outer space?

How can you mine your own body?

Where is Nauru?

Why is desire a question of technology?

Why do artificial organisms need no originals in nature?

Why should love stories be violent in post-industrial times?