The Future of Demonstration

October 31–November 11, 2017





In Season 1, the episodes engage with diverse aspects of VERMÖGEN, a German term that offers a complex, ambivalent but potent set of meanings. More information on the leitmotif VERMÖGEN.

Each episode is at the same time performative space, installative setting, artistic environment, film set and discursive gathering. While each episode is featured on a given day, its material artistic setting is present for the entire art series and thus constitutes a variable, changing, communicative and lively exhibition format. At the end, with all episodes performed, the venue turns into an exhibition space.

The episodes consists of:


The episodes evolve from a series of interventions, conversations and discourses on art, technology, media, philosophy, economy, social and natural sciences that start a year before the event. In addition to these internal conversations, we support the communication between the collectives to generate and develop synergies between the episodes.


A live-stream/broadcast accompanies each episode’s artistic evening event. These films are separate works that focus on streaming as an art form. They are developed and produced by a film/video artist in collaboration with the episode team, film professionals and the Vienna-based non-profit community TV station OKTO. After each episode’s evening event, its film is screened in the exhibition setting. For the time after season 1, OKTO TV provides a video channel to showcase the films – The Future of Demonstration will finally stay online as a web series of two seasons with five episodes each.

Episode 1

GROUND TRUTH: The al-Araqib Museum of Struggle

Forensic Architecture

October 31 – November 1
Episode 2


Xenofeminism, Robotics and Machinic Promiscuity

November 2 – 3
Episode 3


Synthetic Future Islands & the Tragedy of Outer Space

November 4 – 5
Episode 4


A Conceptual Narration on Biotechnological Divination

November 6 – 7
Episode 5


Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust

November 8 – 9