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Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust



Jaya Klara Brekke, Max Hampshire, Johannes Leutgeb, Laura Lotti, Brett Scott, Matthias Tarasiewicz.

What is Cryptoeconomics?

November 9, 18:00h 2017 / free admission »RSVP«



Leading experts in the developing discipline of Cryptoeconomics discuss it in the context of their own practices and of the performance of PROOF-OF-BURN.


Cryptoeconomic design uses incentives plus cryptography in order to create games with predictable outcomes, which in the case of Bitcoin resulted in the development of a decentralised system of exchange and trustless consensus about the state of its ledger. This distributed ledger, the blockchain, is unarguably the key invention of the 21st century - and thus also internationally discussed as being a technology which possibly even supersedes the internet in its disruptiveness.


It will be an open panel discussion for three hours, each of the people will introduce their perspective, and then discuss it amongst themselves.