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E1: Supra-Citizenship   20.+21.10.2018

Domingo Castillo is alive and often exhibits artwork and films. In 2010, co-founded the end / SPRING BREAK, a nomadic artist-run project space in Miami, FL with Patricia Margarita Hernandez with major contributions by Cristina Farah and Kathryn Marks. In 2013, co-founded the gallery Noguchi Breton (F.K.A. Guccivuitton and Versace Versace Versace) with Loriel Beltran and Aramis Gutierrez, in 2015 they were joined by Jonathan Gonzalez and together co-founded the design agency, Giovanni Beltran. In 2016 co-founded Public Displays of Professionalism (PDP), a transdisciplinary think tank, Patricia Margarita Hernandez, and Natalia Zuluaga.

Femke Herregraven is an artist who explores the new material base, geographies and value systems that contemporary financial technologies and infrastructures carve out. Her ongoing investigations zoom in on the relationship between financial value, geological instability, biological and technological self-organising systems. Her works exists both digitally and as drawings, prints, sculptures, games, video and installations. Selected projects include Durational Monochrome (2017), Seismic Parallax (2017) and Liquid Citizenship (2015-2018). LINK

Victoria Ivanova is a curator, writer and consultant living in London. Her core focus is on systemic and infrastructural conditions that shape socio-economic, political and institutional realities. To this extent, Ivanova develops (i.e. researches, writes about, curates programmes, does public talks and consults on) innovative approaches to policy, finance and rights in the sphere of contemporary art and beyond. LINK

Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff is a researcher and curator based in Copenhagen. The core trajectories of his practice are to explore how emerging organisational forms create capacities for engaging in systemic problems, and trace how concepts and ideas travel across cultures and disciplines. He co-founded Diakron, a studio for transdisciplinary research and practice, and is currently developing Primer, an art-based r&d platform housed in the context of Aquaporin, a global water technology company. He holds a PhD degree in mobilities research and action research from Roskilde University.

Bogna Konior is a media and culture scholar and a writer. In 2016, she was a visiting researcher in Media and Culture at the ICON Center for the Humanities at the University of Utrecht. Her work in media cultures and the Anthropocene is published in Transformations: Journal of Media and Culture and forthcoming in PostMemes from Punctum Press. Her collaborative work exploring theory in the Anthropocene has been exhibited internationally, including at Tuning Speculations in Toronto and First Draft in Sydney. She holds a BA in Film Studies, a RMa in Media Studies, and a PhD in Cultural Analysis. This fall she will be a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Institute for Cultural Techniques and Media Philosophy at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. She is the editor of Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy. LINK

Jonas Lund is an artist whose work critically reflects on contemporary networked systems and power structures. Lund employs a wide variety of media, combining software-based works with performance, installation, video, photography and sculptures – works that have an underlying foundation in writing code. Selected projects include Jonas Lund Token (2018), Operation Earnest Voice (2018) and Fair Warning (2016). LINK

[NAME] is a Miami-based, non-profit press and cultural office founded in 2008. LINK

Jamilah Sabur works across various disciplines including performance, video, and installation. Sabur was born in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica and received her MFA in Visual Arts from University of California San Diego in 2014 and her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Interdisciplinary Sculpture in 2009. She is interested in embodied cognition, social mimicry, dissonance, ritual, and the uncanny. Recent exhibition and screening venues include Pérez Art Museum Miami, Frost Art Museum, Miami; ICA London; The 39th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, Cuba; (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain; Busan Corner Theater, Busan, South Korea. Sabur lives and works in Miami, FL. LINK

Axel Stockburger is an artist and theorist who lives and works in Vienna. He has initiated the independent art television channel TIV in Vienna in 1998 and collaborated on international projects with the London based media art group D-Fuse (2000-2004). At present he works as Associate Professor in the Department for Art and Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. LINK

Alex Suárez is a musician who lives and works in New York City. Recording under the name Cienfuegos, Suárez is interested in the interpolation of traditional Latin-American rhythm into modernized post-industrial compositions, and the dynamics between identity and sovereignty. He has released multiple LPs on labels such as L.I.E.S. Records, Bank Records, and Primitive Languages, and has toured America and Europe extensively.

Natalia Zuluaga is a curator and researcher based in Miami. Most recently she was the Artistic Director of Art/Center South Florida, where she developed a range of curatorial initiatives that amplified connections between contemporary art and other fields. Since 2014 she has co-run [NAME] Publications, a non-profit press and cultural office. In addition, she is the co-founder of Public Displays of Professionalism, a research platform developed alongside curators Domingo Castillo and Patricia M. Hernández.

E2: What Is to Be Done?   22.+23.10.2018

Cultural Intelligence Collective (CIC) is a transdisciplinary association exploring collaborative practices that develop and intensify critical cultural intelligence. CIC researches and uncovers hidden network systems in order to reveal their means and methods for colonizing the future. Moreover, the group pursues multidimensional investigations into deep information vectors, using any media necessary to best engage the social, political, and economic implications of digital technology. CIC 2018: Steve Barnes, Konrad Becker, Laurus Edelbacher, Steven Kurtz, Anastasya Voloshina, Ruth Zimmermann.

Special appearances:

DJ Nigga Fox, born in Angola, ventured into electronic sound production in 2006 He was a driving force in a thrilling form of African-inspired electronic dance music that has been brewing in Lisbon's ghettoized housing projects. By now his live performances of futuristic African rhythms and Afro house include thunderous shows at many international clubs and festivals. DJ Nigga Fox has been praised for his shapeshifting "meticulous, otherworldly sound" and an avant-dance spirit, "so bizarre and delirious as almost intimidating, yet liberating exuberant."

Dominique Raffa founded the label R!, Intense Designs for Intense Times, that transform conceptual thought to wearable textile with a rebellious no-nonsense attitude. Her pieces and module systems combine futuristic thought with classic elegance and urban street glamour. The design work of R! examines materials and research results are modelled on the carriers. Mysterious and unruly objects that stimulate thinking and doing, her current performance "Frozen Energy" refers to Nikolai Chernyshevskys historic novel "What is to be done" LINK

Stacey Robinson is a key artist in the American Afrofuturist movement and an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of Illinois. His work explores Black Utopias as decolonized spaces of peace through the consideration of affluent, self-sustaining Black communities juxtaposed with artistic documentation of Black protest movements.

In his startling performances, mentalist and hypnotist Alexander Schelle questions the inexplicable and transgresses the boundaries of reality. His long-time interest in the psyche and its expression in the idiosyncrasies of individuals has prepared him to "read" humans and to master hypnosis. In his seminars and programs, he helps participants to explore and address the subconscious and to understand how reality can be ideationally constructed. He appears to possess supernatural powers, but in fact only uses his powers of observation in conjunction with his keen understanding of psychological and physiological processes. His most recent full-length program is called "Brainwashing".

Music program: Ca.tter also known as "55.rnd" and Catarina Pratter, devoted herself to the production of electronic music since 1996 with numerous releases and live appearances. She found an ideal partner for her project in Martin Stepanek, mstep, and their mutual project is called 55orondy.

Video stream: Georg Schütz works as a media artist outside of the classical art forms and reception in museums or galleries. He seeks friction and authenticity in public spaces for his performative and installation works and addresses conflicts between private and public. As a medium he uses video, modified consumer electronics, various open source software and himself. His work has taken him to London, Norway, Russia, the USA and Beijing, now Georg Schütz lives and works in Cologne and Vienna.

Day two (23.10.2018) Discours

Konrad Becker has been active as an interdisciplinary researcher, artist, author, composer as well as curator, producer and organizer. He developed and was co-founder of "Public Netbase" (1994-2006), initiating many international conferences, exhibitions and projects at the interface of culture and technology. Since the late 70s he published numerous audiovisual productions, articles and books in several languages.

Critical Art Ensemble is an award winning collective of artists of various specializations, including digital imaging and web design, wetware, film/video, photography, text art, and performance. Formed in 1987, CAE’s focus has been on the exploration of the intersections between art, critical theory, technology, and political activism. It has been invited to exhibit and perform in many of the world’s leading cultural institutions—including The Whitney Museum and The New Museum in NYC; The Corcoran Museum in Washington D.C.; The ICA, London; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; The London Museum of Natural History; and many more. LINK

El Iblis Shah is a Philosopher at the University of Aden and chair of the "Conference on Classification and Violence" on the politics of code and machines. El Iblis Shah's research on control and deception technologies focuses on encoding belief in symbolic representations of human sacrifice and investigates the infosphere of the planet for the return of invisible forces beyond reason. He is the author "The Book of Half-Truth" and of "Cannibalistic Capitalism and Alien Algorithms" on the rise of a new cult based on infectious secret formulas and rule of terror.

Felix Stalder is a professor for Digital Culture at the Zurich University of the Arts, a senior researcher at the World Information Institute in Vienna and a moderator of <nettime>. His work focuses on the intersection of cultural, political and technological dynamics, in particular on new modes of commons-based production, control society, copyright and transformation of subjectivity. Among his recent publications are "Digital Solidarity" (PML & Mute 2014) and "The Digital Condition" (Polity Press, 2018).

E3: Making the Black Box Speak   24.+25.10.2018

Haim Bodek is a Managing Principal of Decimus Capital Markets, LLC, a tactical consulting and strategic advisory firm focused on high frequency trading and U.S. equities market structure. He was formerly a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trading Machines LLC, an independent high frequency options trading firm. As an electronic trading executive and algorithmic trading strategist with two decades of experience in the automated trading space, he had worked for Hull Trading and Goldman Sachs before he became Managing Director and Joint Global Head of Electronic Volatility Trading at UBS. Haim is known as a whistleblower who brought attention to several questionable practices of high-frequency traders and trading venues. His contributions have influenced the ongoing public policy debate and the rapidly changing landscape for regulatory, enforcement, and litigation issues. His expertise features prominently in bestselling books such as Dark Pools (Scott Patterson, 2010) or Flash Boys (Michael Lewis, 2014) as well as documentaries like The Wall Street Code (Marije Meerman, 2013). LINK

Sylvia Eckermann is an artist based in Vienna (AT). Her work focuses on a discursive engagement with form and media that culminates in critical artistic reflections on our entanglement as individuals in current socio-economic situations. She works with various media including digital and physical environments, installations, videos, objects, and sculptures. She is the first recipient of the City of Vienna Award for Media Art (2014) and was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Media Art (2018). LINK

Maya Ganesh is a technology researcher, speaker and writer who works with industry, arts and culture organisations, academia and NGOs. She has two Masters degrees and is a doctoral candidate at Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany, where she is also a 2018 Fellow at the Media Cultures of Computer Simulation (MECS) Lab. Her PhD research examines autonomy and AI as socio-technical phenomena. Her other research interests include: design and ethics; gender, technology and human rights; fin-tech; post-humanism and human-non human relationships. She has worked with Tactical Technology Collective, Point of View Bombay, UNICEF India, and the APC Women’s Rights Program. Her writing and publications are here. She tweets @mayameme and lives in Berlin. LINK

Florentina Holzinger studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Her Diploma solo work "Silk" was awarded the Prix Jardin d’Europe at the lmPulsTanz Festival 2012. She collaborated with Vincent Riebeek for a trilogy of pieces, Kein Applaus für Scheiße, Spirit, and Wellness (2011-2013). Her second solo work premiered in 2015 – Recovery is an experimental consideration on a traumatic stage accident she had suffered and critically explores various kinds of female representation as well as the potential of female corporality. Subsequently, she started pursuing martial arts as a way to train for a life as an artist. Florentina is also a co-author and performer in the web series Body and Freedom, initiated by the Berliner Festspiele in 2016. In her latest work, Apollon Musagète (2017), the Viennese choreographer hacks George Balanchine’s eponymous gem of a ballet (1928). In alliance with half a dozen heroinic naked muses, and brimming with irony, she mixes dance, performance and theatrical orgy. LINK

In Aldo Giannotti’s artistic practice, drawing plays a central role as an excellent tool for the communication of socio-architectural concepts. It can take the shape of a concise statement or an unsolved question, a witty remark or a disarming joke. This strategy allows Giannotti to deal with a wide range of complex issues from cultural identities to kinship structures, from the distribution of power relations within a given society to the precarious balance of data and financial systems and of the art world itself. His drawings are often used as handling instructions to delimit the extent of performative actions, in which the artist as well as his audience take part. The results of his performative investigations are presented in a variety of media such as photography, video, installation and sculpture. His work has been shown in places such as Albertina, Vienna; Kunsthalle Wien; Lentos Museum, Linz; Kunsthaus Graz; Museion, Bozen; Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna; Museum der Moderne, Salzburg Künstlerhaus Dortmund. LINK

Growing up in Vienna, Volkmar Klien spent his childhood engulfed in the city's rich musical life with all its glorious traditions and engrained rituals. Working from this background Volkmar Klien today strives to extend traditional practices of composing, producing and listening far beyond the established settings of concert music. He works in various areas of the audible and occasionally inaudible arts navigating the manifold links in-between the different modes of human perception, the spheres of presentation and the roles these play in the communal generation of meaning. He is a professor for composition and director of the institute for composition conducting and computer music at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz (Austria). LINK

Gerald Nestler is an artist and author who explores the “derivative condition” of contemporary social relations and its models, technologies, narratives and fictions. In his artistic practice he combines theory and forms of conversation with video, installation, performance, text, sound and speech. He has also published widely, most recently the special issue of Finance and Society on Art and Finance (ed. with Suhail Malik, 2016) and an essay for the Routledge Handbook to Critical Finance Studies (with Victoria Ivanova, forthcoming). He holds a PhD from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmith, University of London. LINK

The Peng Collective is a group of culture jamming activists based in Berlin. Through actions of tactical media, the Peng Collective wants to inspire other activists and civil society organisations to be more courageous in their campaigning methods. "Let's learn from our enemies," one of their members says in an interview. "If you look at the economics of corporations, their state of mind is: 'let's look at every possible gray area of laws and use them.' And NGOs just don't do that." Peng! cooperated with the Yes Men and Pussy Riot, amongst others, and was part of the Berlin Biennale in 2016. LINK

Denis “Jaromil” Roio is CTO and co~founder of the think & do tank. Established in 1999 and based in Amsterdam, is home to a community of digital artists, critical makers and free software developers with a strong focus on cryptography, peer to peer networks, decentralization and blockchain technologies. Jaromil received the Vilém Flusser Award at Transmediale (Berlin, 2009). He lead the R&D department of the Netherlands Media art Institute (Montevideo/TBA) for 6 years and is a fellow of Waag Society (Amsterdam). He is included in the "Purpose Economy" list of top 100 social entrepreneurs in EU (2014) and the "40 under 40" European young leaders program. Among the most recent projects he is involved in are D-CENT, the DECODE project, Devuan, Freecoin and Dowse (ISOC NL Innovation prize 2016 special mention). LINK

SOULCAT E-PHIFE is a Dominican-born rap artist, producer and DJ living in Vienna, Austria. She received international acclaim in 2011 when DJ Rahdu featured her debut Hip Hop EP „Word up Soul“ on „bamalovesoul“ (Alabama) with the review: „this sounds like Erykah Badu and Bahamadia having a love-child together!“ Her influences are jazzy New York style beats, conscious rap lyrics and funky basslines that emphasize the soulful boom-bap feeling – a must for all 90ies Hip Hop fans, especially if one's aphine to female emcees & lyricists on the mic! In 2013 Soulcat became a member of the Los Angeles-based OGT (Organized Threat) collective founded by rapper Poetic Death (Chad Marshall), which mothers other internationally acclaimed female Hip Hop artists like Gavlyn (Broken Complex) or Yarah Bravo (Ninja tune/Duzz Down San), with whom Soulcat collaborated on the track „For the moment,“ produced by Figub Brazlevic (Berlin/Sichtexot). Feature tracks with Planet Asia, New York's Sean Smoovth, J Mega the God, DJ Grazzhoppa (True Masters), Sofa Surfers, Toni L and the Funkverteidigers, and Sendemast, among others.

UBERMORGEN was founded in 1995 by lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. Their research-based practice is driven by a desire to satisfy their own curiosity, without the constraints of having a defined political agenda or preconceived beliefs. Their open-ended investigations focus on the concept of corporate and governmental authority, power structures, and institutional and individual responsibility. The material they source and sample is eventually used to infiltrate, or hack the net and mass media; even a press release becomes a ’Media-Hack‘, an opportunity to let loose a contentious issue into the world. Once in circulation, it is manipulated and moulded by different agents, constantly evolving and adapting to this journey becoming installations, videos, websites, actions, pixel paintings and photographs, often involving unaware audiences in the process. LINK

Special appearance:

Frank Pasquale

E3 / Day two (25. 10. 2018) Discours

Technopolitics research group is an independent, postdisciplinary platform of artists, journalists, researchers, designers and developers who jointly develop innovative formats at the intersection of art, research, science, and pedagogy. Technopolitics was launched as an online discussion group by Armin Medosch and Brian Holmes in 2009 and was set up in Vienna in 2011 as a circle that meets regularly for talks and discussions. Since 2014, Technopolitics also produces interdisciplinary conferences and artistic research projects internationally, such as the Tracing information Society - A Timeline. A common objective is the investigation of large-scale historical processes structured by technoeconomic paradigms from a critical, explorative standpoint. These processes are then connected to the cultural forms of the respective historical moment and place including the participants’ own work. LINK

Vocal Ensemble:
Christine Gnigler, Lorina Vallaster, Joachim Rigler

Data Bodies:
Jon Eckermann, Elisa Winkler

Special program, Oct 24-25

The Glass Room Experience
exhibition and workshops (with Alistair Alexander)

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. We provide trainings, conduct research and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data. LINK

Alistair Alexander is Director of Publishing and Production at Tactical Tech and has worked with a range of NGOs in health, human rights and global justice to lead the development of websites, interactive tools and multimedia projects. He has also worked as a freelance journalist, being one of the first reporters to cover China's internet repression in 2002 as well as the first World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in 2003.Over the past 15 years Alistair has also been actively involved with as many activist groups and campaigns as will have him. He helped organise the Iraq anti-war march in London in 2003 of over 1 million people. He has worked with Climate Camp, the Campaign for John Charles de Menezes, UkUncut and the Open Rights Group.