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Season 2 Episode 2: October 22, 8pm / Doors open: 6:30pm
TALK: October 23, 6pm

What Is to Be Done?


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Machine codes, directives, and algorithms increasingly infiltrate and compromise the boundaries of the flesh and the horizons of consciousness. They reconfigure and automate once-willful decisions and colonize the imagination in order to guide its visions of the future. In conjunction, a profound erosion of certainty leads to perceived and real existential threats that radically reorganize real and virtual territories, with reactionary regimes making headway.

What Is to Be Done? investigates the logic of systems that frame and alter perception and control navigation in mediated worlds. We explore strange scripts that have a life of their own—those that control the gateways through which demented ghosts, nudged to death in digital behavioral experiments, wander at their own peril.

How does one remove the occult protections of systems of control that affect the construction of pathways of thought, personal behavior, and social interaction? What might happen if one refuses to take the paths of least resistance, and instead probe for obscure cognitive spells in a nervous system without end?

This collaborative project analyzes informational structures and their directives in terms of their impact on human agency in social, political, and economic interaction. Using techniques of shared cultural intelligence practices, this initiative explores operative spaces and actionable models of “What Is to Be Done.”

Trailer, Credits: CIC

Episode Contributors

22. 10. 8 pm / Doors open: 6:30 pm

Cultural Intelligence Collective (CIC):
A Cultural Intelligence Project in cooperation with
Critical Art Ensemble (CAE)

CIC 2018: Steve Barnes, Konrad Becker, Laurus Edelbacher, Steven Kurtz, Anastasya Voloshina, Ruth Zimmermann.

Special Guest Appearances:

Ca.tter, DJ Nigga Fox, Dominique Raffa, Stacey Robinson, Alexander Schelle

Video Stream: Georg Schütz

Artistic Kinetics Programming: Jakob Hütter

Interpreter: Antonina Marhold


23. 10. TALK:  6 to 7pm

CIC talk on "What Is to Be Done?"
Konrad Becker, Critical Art Ensemble, El Iblis Shah and Felix Stalder discuss ghosts, truth projection and human sacrifice.

CIC talk on "What Is to Be Done?"

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