The Future of Demonstration

Season 2 PASSION: October 20–25  2018
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The leitmotif of Season 2 is PASSION, a term which not only in German offers a complex, potent and at the same time ambivalent set of meanings that describe both emancipatory and destructive forces. More information on the leitmotif PASSION.

Each episode is at the same time artistic environment, installative setting, performative space, film set and discursive gathering. While each episode is at the center of attention for 2 days, its material artistic setting is present for the entire art series and thus contributes to a variable, communicative and vibrant exhibition format.

The episodes consist of the following formats:

  • Artistic format (evening events at 20h sharp):
    Choreographed events in which installation, architecture, audiovisual and digital works, performance, text, speech and conversation flow into one another.
  • Film format Live-streaming/broadcasting as an artistic experiment that accompanies the artistic format.
    Instead of a conventional documentation (such as a catalogue), the completed online collection of the films becomes the extended archive of The Future of Demonstration and its episodes.
  • Discursive format Workshops, lectures, panels, screenings and other discursive/artistic/performative formats enlarge upon the topics presented the previous evening in the artistic and film formats. (for program details see episode descriptions).


Each episode evolves from a series of conversations, interventions and discourses on art, technology, media, philosophy, politics, ecology, economy, the sciences and other fields in relation to the leitmotif. In addition to these internal conversations, we support the communication between the collectives to generate and develop synergies between the episodes.



A live-stream/broadcast accompanies each episode’s artistic evening event. Each film is an artistic work in its own right that experiments with streaming as an art form. The films are developed and produced by a film/video artist in collaboration with the episode team, film professionals and OKTO TV, a Vienna-based non-profit community TV station. For the time after the art series, OKTO TV will provide a video channel to showcase the films – instead of a conventional form of documentation, The Future of Demonstration will exist as a web series of 2 seasons and 8 episodes.