The Future of Demonstration

Season 2 PASSION: October 20–25  2018
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Borrowing from poular television series, we speak of 2 seasons with 5 and 3 episodes respectively. The episodes are based on thematic clusters derived from the leitmotifs VERMÖGEN 2017 and PASSION 2018.

Each of the two seasons addresses its leitmotif as if it were through a prism, dividing it into its episodes, once again linking them in various traversing relationships to one another.

The Future of Demonstration rejects the conventional division of art and theory in the exhibition and the conference. Instead, our approach is pratice-led. We focus on new formats, forms and intensities of artistic work in which artists and other experts jointly conceive, develop and realize the episodes as demonstrations.

Art, activism, theory, science and technology are not treated as separate realms but as vital contributions for postdisciplinary practices. The experience of their complex entanglement underlies our speculative approach to the art series and its episodes.

The Future of Demonstration stands for transgressing limits and intersecting social, technological, and biological materials, epistemes, phenomena and cultures. The aim is to offer an intense affective and collective experience in the form of a “revolutionary celebration” that contributes to the urgency of redefining terms, transforming processes and transvaluing technological and ideological resources for the postdigital age.

Our practice-led format is defined by the following methods:

Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler developed the artistic concept and format of
The Future of Demonstration and subsequently defined the thematic clusters with Maximilian Thoman.
As artistic directors, Eckermann, Nestler and Thoman invite the core collectives of each episode and support the development process together with the project team.