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LIVESTREAM from: May 27, 2023, 7pm CET

XR Production, Unity 3D + VBO.Ninja livestream integration: Anna Pompermaier and Cenk Güzelis (architects/media artists/researchers at ./studio3) | Biofeedback and projection mapping: Markus Passecker | Composition, soundscape, SADISS: Volkmar Klien | Sound technician: Philipp Engel | Live Kinect cameras: Mehmet Ali Çakır, Ömer Gürel | Assistant to the directors: Remi Deymier.

With: Vera Bühlmann (philosopher/educator), Thomas Feuerstein (artist), Johnny Golding (philosopher/poet/educator), Barbara Imhof (space architect/design researcher/educator), Marian Kaiser (writer/media theorist), Martha Laschkolnig (performer/musician/visual artist), Mukenge/Schellhammer (artists), Manu Luksch (artist/researcher), Thomas Nail (philosopher/scholar), Tanja Traxler (theoretical quantum physicist/science journalist/lecturer), the vocal ensemble Wientaler Dreigesang (Christine Gnigler, Joachim Rigler and Lorina Vallaster). MC: Carmen Lael Hines (curator/editor/researcher), voice of the Lucretius quotes: Anna Mendelssohn (actress/performer).

PLANETARY SKINS. The Future of Demonstration. Season 3
is an art series conceived, written, produced and directed by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler.
Co-producer: Maximilian Thoman